Myanmar Engineering Society [MES]

Other Committee

Energy and Renewable Energy Committee

Energy and Renewable Engergy Committee serves as a focal point to cooperate and coordinate with various government agencies, NGOs, INGOs and other International organizations.

  - To organize serminars and workshops with local and regional international experts in energy efficiency & conservation and disseminate the knowledge and awareness of the people.

  - To coordinate between the private sectors and educational institutions for conducting R&D in RE related subjects for local utilization.

  - To organize energy related training (AEMAS, EM, Energy Audit, etc,) and be able to accord certificates.

  - To organize ASEAN Energy Awards Competition with Ministry of Energy and as Board of Judges in Asean Center of Energy.

Inter. Disciplinary Committees

1. Myanmar Earthquake
2. Natural Disaster Mitigation
3. Special Project
4. Environmental
5. Myanmar Welding Technology Development
6. Industrial Development
7. Biofuel Engineering
8. Committee on Myanmar Transporation Studies
9. Standard and Specification
10. Engergy and Renewable Energy
11. Industrial and Construction Safety
12. MIC Projects Assessment
13. Rural Electrification
14. CDM Projects
15. Women Engineers (Chapter.)

MES in National Committees

- Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC)
- National Energy Management Committee (NEMC)
- High Rise Buildings Projects (CQHP)
- Myanmar Board of Engineers (MBE)
- Myanmar Industrial Development Committee
- Standards Committee
- National Skills Standard Authority (NSSA)
- Rural Electrification & Drinking Water Supply Committee

Myanmar Earthquake Committee

Myanmar Earthquake Committee was formed in MES and committee is composed of officials and representatives from

- Department of Hydrology and Meteorology
- Geology Department of Yangon University
- Myanmar Geosciences Society
- Other related Government Department

Natural Disaster Mitigation Committee

(1) Myanmar has many types of Natural Disasters and the most devastating one is Cyclone Nargis in 2008. Floods are also quite frequent and Myanmar had many Earthquakes in her history.

(2) Myanmar Engineering Society formed this committee to study the Natural Disasters and to disseminate Disasters Risk Reduction (DRR) knowledge to people of Myanmar and to coorperate with other agencies in DRR activities.